Musings of an Eccentric God

This is where I keep ideas

This should be an escape

Some of you can probably guess who I am. That’s OK, I like the idea of a little voyeurism. This blog should be a way for me to speak freely rather than hold up a social curtain. The first thing I am going to do is give a freewrite list of the topics I might write about.

- Self-sustaining community hostals

- Futurism & Technology

- International social & political trends (warning: sometimes radical)

- How much I want to be Richard Branson’s son

- Somewhat informed predictions of the future

- Probably some personal shit

- Mid-20-something angst 

Now the blog has a purpose, good. We’ll take it from there.

Its not that I feel I care about people any significant amount, rather how much I care about everyone else relative to how much I care about myself.

Once we see protesters who look like this in the streets, things might actually start happening.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this. 

(via insanehat)